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The Advent Challenge
The Advent Challenge

Cate Kopkey • November 27, 2019

Preparing our hearts in the Gospel of Luke – Your Advent Challenge

The Gospel of Luke and Christmas have always gone hand in hand for me. Perhaps it’s that Charlie Brown moment, when Linus tells the ever-woeful Charlie Brown what Christmas is all about, by reciting none other than the Gospel of Luke. The chaos of the Peanuts characters deep in the throngs of their pageant rehearsal, finds an unusual calm as Linus walks to the center of the stage, asks for a little light, and recites Luke 2:8-14. It’s the one and only time we ever see Linus drop his blanket, in true tribute to the meaning of the passage.

The Gospel of Luke is certainly full of more than just the Christmas story. Each story, from the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist, all the way through the Ascension, is rich in text and captivating story telling, a true testament of its author.

Luke, a well educated physician, had an extensive vocabulary and command of his speech, which we now experience the full benefit of. His list of inspiring qualities don’t stop at his intelligence. We would be hard pressed to find another more loyal, dear companion for the Apostle Paul – a task not for the light of heart.

As we enter the season of Advent, it becomes increasingly harder to remember what the purpose and meaning of the season actually is, but I find myself overjoyed at the moments of prayer, reflection and anticipation I find (or squeeze in) in each day. It’s hard. I’m unashamed to admit. There are noisy and time consuming distractions each day, but when I make the time to read, pray, and reflect, I am able to give God much more glory in all the things I do.

There are 24 chapters in the Gospel of Luke. There are 24 days in December leading to Christmas. So, now for the challenge! Each day, read one chapter. Just one. Carve out that time to open up your Bible, and read that one chapter in Luke. Pray. Anticipate. Do less. Wonder. Hope. 

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